Bread Warmers

“What’s a bread warmer?”  We have been asked that question a thousand times!  Every time we go to a wholesale gift show someone is sure to ask.

So, what is a bread warmer?  A bread warmer is made of porcelain and can be heated in the oven or microwave while you are preparing dinner.  Place it in the bottom of your bread basket and place your fresh bread on top, covered with a tea towel and it will keep your bread warm all through dinner.

 “Does anyone use it like that?”  This is often the next question we are asked. The answer is a resounding “yes”.  Another frequent conversation at the trade shows is when a delighted bread warmer owner comes up to us and is excited to let us know how much they love using them.

While we strive to make our bread warmers decorative, and many of them are displayed in kitchens around the world, we believe that all of our giftware should be functional.  And one function that is close to our hearts and stomachs is warm bread!

Our bread warmers measure 6.5″ in diameter.  They come with a decorative gift box.  We offer inexpensive baskets if you prefer to sell them with a basket.  Also, we have wooden displays available to purchase.