Custom Designs

We specialize in custom giftware.  We can make a bread warmer, hot plate, ornament, or coaster with your logo or an image of your choosing.

We have made custom designs for hundreds of customers over the years including places like George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, many of the Presidential Libraries, and a who’s who of historic sites and museums.

But your organization doesn’t have to be as big as a national park to have your own custom design.  Our prices and minimums are low enough to allow almost any organization to have their own custom piece. Many churches, historic mills, clubs, schools, and other local organizations have had custom work done.  Custom porcelain makes great souvenirs for your gift shop, thank you gifts for your volunteers, or fund raisers for your cause.

Many of our friends and family get excited to tell us about the unique places they have found our custom giftware around the country!