Memorial Flag Holders

Ideal for use on Monuments and Mausoleums

Our porcelain Flag Holder is a wonderful way to display your patriotism and honor our veterans.

The flag holder is designed to be mounted to a gravestone or monument with an epoxy tape (included).  It is intended to be discreet, helping to display the flag in a prominent and respectful manner.

Why Porcelain?

Porcelain is durable and is a similar material to the granite stone.  The flag holder will contract and expand at the same rate as the stone when the temperature changes, unlike metal or plastic that change size at a faster rate, degrade in the sun, crack, break, or corrode and stain the stone.  The porcelain will remain the same, regardless of temperature, exposure to the elements, and will never cause staining on the stone.

Our flag holders have been time tested both in the desert of Arizona and the winters of Upstate New York, our flag holder will survive freezing temperatures and the blazing sun.

What are the other features of this flag holder?

  • No drilling is required.
  • The epoxy strips mount the holder permanently.
  • Mounts to stone, glass, concrete or tile indoors and out.
  • holds an 18″ x 12″ flag.
  • Comes in white or black.

Why is this flag holder better than other flag holders?

  • It keeps the flag off the ground.  Other flag holders that are pushed into the soil can tilt when the ground is wet and there is a strong wind, ultimately leaving the flag dragging on the ground.
  • It is out of the way of grounds keepers.  Other flag holders are a nuisance because they are in the way of mowers.  Lawn mowers might run over them, damaging them, or leaving the flag laying on the ground.
  • It cannot be stolen. Metal flag holders are easily pulled out of the ground, and are a temptation to thieves who want the metal for scrap.

We believe the flag should be on display, not the flag holder.  Our flag holders are designed to be discreet.

Our monument flag holder is guaranteed to remain in place for ten years.

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